You can always be here, but only if you're not there.

It’s important to be present in every moment and to enjoy the here and now. Plants show us the way – to live the best possible life you can live.  They live off of and create the vibration of love just as we do.  It’s a give and take and plants can help us find that balance. We love “loving” our plants.  If you find you’re having a bad day, talk to your plants, you’ll be surprised what they say… but more importantly, they’re excellent listeners.

happy rosemary from my garden
About Me

I am Jessica, a professional plant and family enthusiast with
over 20 years of experience

Family is number one.     

Plants are part of my family.

I greet my plants at sunrise before my family is up, and they talk to me, let me know what they need, or give me the energy I need.

Jessica and Mazen
Jessica and Kilohana